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Margaret og
Jostein Bruntveit
Sandven Hageby 2
5229 Kalandseidet,

tlf 55 10 23 19
mobil 94163026.

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An-An`s Black Pearl,
born 13th of August 2017
from kennel An-An in Tau, Norway.
An-An`s Black Pearl.
Saint Nicholas Mon Ange, black,
HD: unknown
Suvenir Midasa Uelfair
HD: unknown
Nochnoy Dozor Bi`Fros HD: unknown
Suel Sihote-Alinn Tango Snexhnoy Vy
(HD: Unknown
Divine Meranda Fon Lemberg
HD: unknown
Brooklyn Laska Faina HD: unknown
Divine Lyara Mon Ange HD: unknown
Nch. Dian Shan Broad Majestic Shannon
HD:D. Red
Dian Shan Independent Masha
HD: unknown
Litchi Chow Fengshui HD: unknown
Incipit Uma HD: A AD:1
(HD: unknown
Dian Shan Never Ending Story HD:unknown
Dian Shan Jia-Jia, HD: unknown

Year 2018

21st of January.
Blacki had her first long walk outside our garden
and took dads place in the sofa, well did he allow this or not?
An-An`s Black Pearl "Blacki" 9 weeks at her new home in Norway
Blacki loves her new garden
Me and Johannes 5th of November
Me and John-Christian 5th of November
I`m 12 weeks and 9.2 kg. I get lots of love from my new family.
They adore my and I am in heaven.
What more can a puppy want?
Blacki 11.12.17
Blacki and Moneypenny. Finely snow, we love it.
We had no Christmas-tree because of Blacki. So we collected branches and decorated.
Blacki got to take a peek when the boys came with the presents.
I did`n do anything wrong
And at the end she went to bed - and mum was not pleased.